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ICON Casona 1900

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Once upon a time

The ICON Casona 1900 boutique hotel was founded by Mr. Juan Suárez Prieto, better known as "El Indiano". This adventurer of the late nineteenth century was a passionate traveller and foodie. He traveled to Mexico, where he made a great fortune, and spent a season in New York. Here he met F. Scott Fitzgerald, a character who greatly influenced him. He returned to Madrid at the beginning of the 20th century with an avant-garde and eclectic vision that he made reality with this exclusive boutique hotel in the Salamanca neighbourhood.

  • All yours hotel icon casona 1900 madrid

    All yours

    You may have fallen in love in our hotel, we know that you will love our amenities. Do not hesitate to take that nice bathrobe, umbrella or tea set home with you. If you like it, it's all yours. Ask for the price list at reception and relive the ICON Casona 1900 by Petit Palace experience at home

  • Mifi & ipad hotel icon casona 1900 madrid

    Mifi & iPad

    Use the iPad that we make available to you, inside and outside the hotel, with the free WIFI and MIFI service

  • Pillow menu hotel icon casona 1900 madrid

    Pillow menu

    Each person is unique and that is why we have a pillow for everyone

  • Vip room hotel icon casona 1900 madrid

    Vip room

    The VIP room, exclusive to our guests, is the ideal place to work, have a snack, read the international press or chat with your travel companion.

  • Pillow menu  Madrid
    Pillow menu
  • Pet Friendly  Madrid
    Pet Friendly
  • Bikes & Skates  Madrid
    Bikes & Skates
  • All yours  Madrid
    All yours
  • Mifi & iPad  Madrid
    Mifi & iPad
  • Meeting room  Madrid
    Meeting room
  • VIP Room  Madrid
    VIP Room
  • Terrace  Madrid